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Miami Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes, MMA and Self Defense Training Academy

Looking for a Jiu Jitsu Miami class near you? Check out Master Marcus Aurelio's BJJ Academy for MMA and Self Defense training classes. We take a great deal of pride in providing a safe, clean and fun Jiu Jitsu training environment for people of all ages and different skill levels can learn Jiu Jitsu in Miami!


The first class is free!

Come Join the Marcus Aurelio Jiu Jitsu Miami Family

Come see why so many people have joined our BJJ Miami classes. We instruct using the ebst techniques and skill sets of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and you will only work with world-class Jiu Jitsu training instructors right here in Miami Beach.

Jiu Jitsu and MMA (mixed martial arts) classes are great for anyone looking to increase their martial arts skills in Miami. We offer traditional Jiu Jitsu classes for people of all skill levels, including Jiu Jitsu classes for kids, and self defense classes Miami for people of all ages and MMA experience.

Marcus Aurelio Jiu Jitsu Academy

About Our Different Miami Jiu Jitsu Classes

Kids Jiu Jitsu Miami

Your kids will learn more then just Jiu Jitsu and self defense skills in our Miami Jiu Jitsu classes. Marcus Aurelio's jiu jitsu for kids has many more benefits that come from them learning discipline, respect, courage and leadership at a young age. Our MMA classes for kids also gives them confidence in more ways than one. Do your kids struggle with being bullied? The skills that they will learn from our BJJ Miami classes will give them the confidence to stand up for themselves. This is often all that it takes for the bullies to back down, avoiding any type of physical confrontation all together.

MMA Self Defense Classes Miami

Marcus Aurelio's BJJ Academy also provides excellent self defense classes for those looking to learn how to defend themseelves from attackers of any kind. This class is great for everyone including both men and women and teaches you how to defend yourself from attackers, even ones that may be much bigger then you. We use BJJ and other self defense techniques that allow you to fend off any attackers while protecting yourself from damage.

MMA Miami: The Value of Learning Mixed Martial Arts in Miami

Teaching mixed martial arts in Miami is about teaching the traditional values of honor, discipline, loyalty and respect... and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu helps the young and old alike develop valuable personal attributes including: confidence, maturity, patience, humility and strength. Our MMA and BJJ Miami Academy is a center for personal growth and achievement.

BJJ MMA Miami mixed martial arts
  • Jiu Jitsu classes don’t just build your body, they builds your mind, teach disciplined inner strength, and help you to stay calm and think clearly in the midst of conflict.

  • The characteristics that a dedicated mixed martial arts student develops on the mats will set them up for future successes in their home life and career path.

The Marcus Aurelio Mission Statement

Our decorated BJJ Miami instructor here at the Marcus Aurelio Jiu Jitsu Academy were hand selected to provide the premier Brazilian Jiu Jitsu experience and training in Miami and make you feel at home while you learn, train and grow.

They are a well-oiled machine when it comes to teaching confidence, self-defense, powerful ground grappling and all of the specific strikes, kicks, takedowns, arm locks, and chokeholds that set BJJ and traditional Jiu Jitsu apart from the other martial arts.

Jiu Jitsu Near Me

Our world class instructors and highly effective real-world Jiu Jitsu techniques make us a top choice BJJ school, MMA gym, and Jiu Jitsu Academy in Miami...

It is our welcoming environment, however, along with our dedication to each individual's needs and powerful family-friendly feel that really puts us head and shoulders above the rest.

Learn More About the Marcus Aurelio Program

Finding the Best Jiu Jitsu Near Me

Marcus Aurelio's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy is located in North Miami Beach and our students come from all over Miami and South Florida.

We Have a Strong Social Media Prescence and a 5 Star Rating

If you cannot make it to our BJJ MMA school, simpy type Jiu Jitsu near me or BJJ schools near me, such as BJJ in Hialeah into Google to find a list of Jiu Jitsu Academies or BJJ schools near you.

Just make sure to read the reviews to make sure that they provide high quality BJJ, MMA and Jiu Jitsu Training in an environment that welcomes you to our BJJ family while fostering all the personal characteristics necessary to building good strong mixed martial artists and even better people.

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Maximus Aurelio
  • Marcus Aurelio
    Marcus "Maximus" Aurelio is a Brazilian mixed martial artist. Marcus fought for the PRIDE Fighting Championship and for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
  • Marcus Aurelio
    Marcus Aurelio competed in PRIDE Bushido and defeated Lightweight Champion Takanori Gomi with an arm triangle choke.